Address: 122, 1st Slobodskaya str.,
Mykolaiv, 54034
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Main Business Lines

Transshipment of grain

Three adjacent reinforced-concrete grain storages of silo type for storage of up to 60 000 tons of grain equipped with grain dryer, equipment to transship from railway vehicles and motor vehicles and vice versa.

Transport and forwarding

Package of measures enabling to perform the transportation within minimum period of time and of maximum benefit for a customer.

Economically advantageous location

Mykolayiv integrated plant of bread products is incorporated in the group of OREXIM Companies. Located in the southern part of City of Mykolayiv of three hundred meters distance from left bank of South Bug River with Dnieper River together disemboguing into the Black Sea create the Dnieper-Bug Estuary.

Distances to the key geographic places:

  • + 5 km to Mykolayiv cargo railway station;
  • + 70 km to City of Kherson and 80 km to Port of Kherson;
  • + 130 km to City of Odesa and 160 km to Port of Odesa.

In close vicinity (300-500 m) to the integrated plant there the quays (loading and unloading terminal) of Mykolayiv Sea Commercial Port. Use of the Company specifically as the wheat-storage and place of transshipment to the port is promising one considering availability of free areas to enlarge warehousing and availability of the port, in particular considering buildings into the gallery of grain shipment and derivative products directly to the port.

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BSTDB Helps Develop Grain Exports in Ukraine

The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) is providing a loan of EUR 31 million to Orexim Group, a leading transshipment and exporting company in Ukraine. The BSTDB financing will support the modernization and expansion of the Group’s Mykolaiv Grain Terminal to increase its storage capacity from 60,000 mts ...

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