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Granulation of brans

Granulation of brans

Compound animal feed stuff complex facility granulates the wheat brans of planned capacity of up to 300 tons/day.

The granulating unit purifies the animal feed mixture making use of separator of А1-БИС-12 brand and magnetic column БКМА-2Х500 to detect gross impurities and metal foreign matters. After that the animal feed will be transported to granulating press of Б6-ДГВ brand where it will get soften by dry steam, become granulated and cooled down by external air in vertical columns.

Granulated animal feed will then be transported to the warehouse.


+ thermal treatment decreases the amount of pathogenic microorganisms, however all the micro-elements and vitamins will be retained;

+ improvement of flow properties and transportation features of the product decreases requirement of the transportation equipment capacities increase as well as losses of the product during the transportation, accumulation of it in the transportation lines;

+ dust formation will be decreased;

+ due to its low hygroscopic property it can in smaller extent be influenced by environment and the storage time will increase too;

+ granules occupy less amount of the warehouse area;