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Milling complex

Milling complex

Milling capacities of the Company include two milling plants of total production capacity of 440 tons of wheat processing (as per the project and after the reconstruction – 500 tons) and 80 tons of rye per day. The complex also includes the flour packing houses of capacity of 144 tons per day and finished products warehouses.

The Company produces flour of all the quality categories (superior quality wheat flour, first grade what flour and first grade of improved quality parameters, second grade wheat flour, and rye flour as well as loose wheat brans, wheat farina).

Significant part of the grain is primarily exported by the Company to the countries as follows: Israel, UAE, Syria, Indonesia, China, Turkey, Georgia, and Moldova.


Milling complex was certified under ISO 9001: 2008 «Quality Management System. Requirements» covering production, transportation, storage and sale of the wheat flour (certificate № ОДС-254/Q) and production, transportation, storage and sale of brans (certificate № ОДС-255/Q).