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Grain terminal

Grain terminal

The elevator complex consists of three adjacent reinforced-concrete grain storages of  silo type for storage of up to 60 000 tons of grain and it is equipped with grain dryer, equipment to transship from railway vehicles and motor vehicles and vice versa.

As of today actual scope of the elevator complex on reception is of 3500 tons (by motor vehicles) and 1300 tons (by railway vehicles); in terms of shipment: 5500 tons (by motor vehicles) and 1300 tons (by railway vehicles).

The elevator provides the whole range of services on warehousing of grain: reception, drying, separation and storage of grain for further processing, grain conditioning, transshipment of grain, laboratory examination of the samples.

It is worth noting that at the Company in general and at the elevator complex in particular there function two certified weighbridges, as planned reception of grain at the elevator is performed at two points of the grain reception out of grain cars. As planned, loading of grain on the motor vehicles is performed from 4 points. Grain purification against contamination shall be performed with use of separators A1- БИС- 100. Grain shall be dried up with use of drying unit ДСП- 32 ВІД which runs on natural gas.


Use of the Company specifically as the wheat-storage and place of transshipment to the port is promising one considering availability of free areas to enlarge warehousing and availability of the port, in particular considering buildings into the gallery of grain shipment and derivative products directly to the port.